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  • I had the best experience possible with Dr. Simpson. He quickly diagnosed my problem (severe back pain which left me unable to sit, lie down, and sleep due to a herniated disc) and scheduled surgery within 2 weeks. The whole process was quick, with frequent pre-op and post-op check ins and my pain, which had been ongoing for a year, disappeared immediately after surgery. My incision is about a half inch and that has made my healing process that much easier. I am very confident that I will be able to return to my usual active self.
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    - Barbara B

  • Dr. Simpson is the very best surgeon! After months of treatment from other providers, I finally met Dr. Simpson. He recommended surgery and made it simple and the results are amazing. I have zero back pain after two weeks and know my problem was completely resolved. Dr. Simpson is also a great communicator, very efficient and easy to work with. This has been the best medical experience I have ever had in my life. Thank you!
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    - Peter S

  • No one ever wants to have back surgery, and I was certainly in that category! After meeting with several spine surgeons, there was a clear choice on which doctor I would trust to perform my procedure! Dr. Andrew Simpson met with me and explained everything in very easy to understand layman's terms. That was not the case with other physicians I met with, which left me feeling very unsure. The pain was gone the day after the procedure, and 4 months later I am back to enjoying everything I was doing prior to back issue. I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Simpson and the team at Brigham & Womans Hospital. The care was exceptional and I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering with back pain.
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    - Brian G

  • I had massive pain in my lower back and left leg. Dr. Simpson performed a L4, L5, S1 bilateral laminectomy/foraminotomy for decompression of bilateral L4 and L5 nerve roots. The entire diagnosis, surgery, and recovery has enabled me to have full use of my left leg and removed the pain I was experiencing. I would highly recommend Dr. Simpson for anything orthopedic.
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  • I have lived in pain for over 4 years and exhausted most of my options. I went to see Dr. Simpson and he has given me my life back. I am 53 and very fit and active however my quality of life was diminishing due to my l-3 and l-5 collapsing. Dr. Simpson provided several options and never pushed surgery. In fact he was a bit hesitant due to my level of activity and love for the gym. After several visits and conversations we opted for a multi-level fusion and it has changed my life. I am only 3 weeks out and have almost zero back and hip pain. My leg is no longer numb and i can already walk a mile with no issue. If you need advice, surgery go see Dr. Simpson. He really cares about his patients and improving your quality of life. I know I have a long road ahead but with Dr. Simpson to guide me I know I will be back better then ever. Thank You Dr. Simpson!
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    - Dan

  • I cannot recommend Dr. Simpson and his team enough to anyone considering spinal surgery. As a mid-20's male dealing with a herniated lumbar disc, I was incredibly apprehensive about spinal surgery at such a young age but was dealing with enough daily pain that I felt it was necessary. Dr. Simpson informed me of all options, surgical and non-surgical, and did not push for surgery although that is ultimately what I opted for. 6-months post-op, I am almost completely pain free and still getting better with physical therapy. The quality of my daily life has improved to normal compared to pre-hernia which I did not think was possible pre-op. Dr. simpson was great in answering all of my detailed questions with thoughtful responses and I felt very comfortable talking with him during pre- and post-op visits. If you are even considering spinal surgery, this is the team you need to see.
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    - Justin

  • Dr. Simpson & his team were nothing but compassionate, understanding & driven to find the source of my back problem. He remedied my medical issue carefully & safely. My recovery has been remarkable, no doubt to the care. All this right in the middle of having radiation for my recent breast cancer diagnosis. Thank you for helping me walk again & reminding me how precious walking & life can be. He is AMAZING!!!
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    - Marion WR

  • Absolutely the best! My spinal fusion went incredible well. He explained my options prior got the intervention and was very attentive to my concerns. He is the type of doctor that exudes confidence and his bed side manners are incredible. Highly recommended!
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  • When I was told my back was broken and it was going to require surgery, I was extremely nervous. This is coming from a person who just retired from the Army and has seen multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. The fear of the unknown is what gets everyone, especially when things are out of your control. I don't know how to rightly put this, but when it came to the Pre OP, procedure itself and the Post OP, I've never had as much preparation and transparency as I did with Dr. Simpson and his staff. Dr. Simpson explained several options in great detail for the procedure and never suggested which to pick. He was thorough in all avenues and answered every single question I had, not to mention stated things that I didn't think to ask. Maria Texiera, Dr. Simpson's admin, was on the ball at every turn. She ensured I had an easy transition into every step of the process and echoes Dr. Simpson's exact verbage. Using PatientGateway, which is the online system used to communicate, fill
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    - David S

  • In 2017 I had to leave my job because of severe Spinal Stenosis, 3 years before full retirement, the pain was intense. My treating orthopedic told me there was no treatment for me and I would probably end up in a wheel chair. It wasn't until 2019 when my wife was watching the news and they were doing a cameo on a young doctor named Andrew Simpson who was helping people with spinal stenosis and other spinal problems. She got me out of bed to watch and at that point I knew I had to see him. I met Dr. Simpson in 2020 and asked him if there was anything he could do for me, and he said "yes there is". Fastforward to June 2021, I had my surgery, and woke up pain free for the first time in years. I no longer have that pain that stopped me from having a life. All I can say is if anyone is dealing with spinal problems and pain, see Dr. Simpson for a second opinion, I did, and I will forever be thankful I did, I have my life back. Thank you to Dr. Simpson, his team and all the nurses.
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    - Ronald A

  • Dr. Simpson and the team at Brigham and Women's Faulkner hospital provided outstanding care and treatment for me when I had my recent spine surgery. Dr. Simpson is a very good listener and addressed all my questions and concerns. He is an outstanding surgeon and really outlined the exact procedure showing me my MRI and X-rays before and after the procedure. As I said to Dr. Simpson at my post operative visit, "I wish I didn't wait so long to have this done". No more pain or numbness in my left leg or lower back. I was very apprehensive about having this laminectomy and now I feel better than I have in nearly a year.
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    - Mark C

  • When my orthopedist told me that I would probably need spinal surgery, I was incredibly apprehensive and upset; Dr Simpson totally changed that and put me at ease. Not only did he fit me in for a consult quickly, but he was incredibly personable, kind, and professional. He answered all my questions, and spent a lot of time making sure I was comfortable with my options. My surgery was so smooth, and despite the fact that I could not have a minimally invasive surgery, I was able to get up and walk that evening. Dr Simpson checked in with me multiple times after the surgery, and my family was also very impressed and grateful by how wonderful he was when checking in with them. The recovery has been a breeze. Dr Simpson is an excellent surgeon, and very kind person, and his support staff is just as outstanding. I would highly recommend him, especially to people who may be apprehensive about surgery.
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    - Heather

  • I started suffering back spasms at the age of 15. I would spend months sleeping on the floor as a way to alleviate back pain throughout my adult life. The pain made me grumpy and miserable. I stopped running when I had my first child and after his first year of college I dusted off my old running shoes. Shortly after returning to the gym I literally broke my back! I had a grade 2 L4-5 isthmic spondylolisthesis. I lost 2” in height and was in the worst pain in my life. My experience was absolutely amazing. His bedside manner was great and he was reassuring. I felt that I was in good competent hands. I know if you’re reading this you may be a little reluctant to go under the knife but let tell you this; choosing Dr. Simpson as my surgeon was one of the best decisions of my life. After surgery, I was off pain medication within two weeks and now three years later, no pain, no spasms, whatsoever. I can lift, bend, twist and feel brand new. Fear not! He is the right Doctor!
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    - Jean

  • I was referred to Dr Simpson by a friend who had recent surgery. I had been dealing with a sever case of spinal stenosis that was creating leg pain and numbness. After our initial consult it was clear that surgery my best option. The procedure was a success and went exactly as Dr Simpson told me it would. The benefits were immediate. I have found my interactions with Dr Simpson and his staff informative and reassuring. They have my highest recommendation.
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    - Mark K

  • Dr. Simpson is a highly intelligent, experienced, and focused surgeon. I feel grateful to have had him do my back surgery. Leading up to the surgery we had several consultations. He answered every question I had clearly and set my expectations accurately. What he said would happen, did happen. Post-surgery, he checked on me several times, paid close attention and impressed me with his recall of comments I had made. I’m very pleased with the result and would recommend him highly.
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    - Bob E

  • Prior to choosing an Ortho, I was referred to Dr. Simpson from a friend. I did my research because I did not want to put my spine health in just anyone's hands. I am a recreational athlete and wanted a doctor that would help get me back on my game. Any quick search will show that he has done an immense amount of training to specialize in his work. It was a no brainer to choose to meet with him. My experience with Dr. Simpson and the entire team at the Spine Center at Brigham and Women's has been nothing short of phenomenal. From my first visit, through a pain management plan and a recent ALIF procedure, I have found Dr. Simpson to be honest about care plans and willing to sit an answer any and all questions about next steps. His bedside manner is better than most surgeons I have encountered; he checked in at the hospital post-surgery and while I was home recovering, before my first in-office visit. It has been a top-notch care experience top to bottom.
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    - Katie T

  • I want to thank Dr. Simpson and his entire team for the incredible surgical experience I recently went through. It is without reservation that I may state from the initial telemedical visit, to the pre-op work, the actual day of surgery and procedure, to recovery, discharge and recovery I was treated with respect, transparency, and care I was not necessarily expecting. The team was tremendously professional and I highly recommend them to assist with any who may be considering any procedure with them.
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    - Tom O'Brien

  • I thought Dr Simpson was great, he explained all options i had and eventually decided on surgery. He did a great job, i was pain free after the procedure. i like the fact he called me the next day to see how i was feeling and did a follow up visit 2 weeks layer.
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    - Greg Q

  • Dr. SImpson is truly a an amazing Doctor and the microendoscopic spine procedure he specializes in is a game changer. I was dealing with a L4-L5 disc hernia that pinched a nerve to my left leg causing strength loss in my left foot on top of immense leg pain that limited my mobility for months. I had a procedure 16 years ago on another disc hernia. Overnight hospital stay, then stuck in bed for 3-4 days (with help from family to do anything as I couldn't stand up on my own). It took a couple weeks before I was able to do any real walking. This time around with Dr. Simpson I was back home that same day and was already able to walk around on my own at night w/o all the pinched nerve pain I had just that morning. I walked a full mile the next day and then 2 miles straight a couple days later. Dr. Simpson's diagnosis and review of my options were very clear and he advised me as if he was treating his own back. The entire staff at the Faulkner Hospital were great as well!
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    - Jason

  • I struggled the past three years with lower back pain which denied to do anything physical. Over the past three I gained thirty pounds and felt terrible. I tried a chiropractor, PT, acupuncture, yoga, ice, heat, total rest and three cortisone shots with no success. Doctor Simpson performed two disc decompressions (L5,L3). Three weeks after the surgery I walked two miles and started swinging my golf clubs. I would recommend doctor Simpson to anyone. I grabbed a bunch of his cards to give out to a few people that have back problems. THANK YOU Doctor Simpson!!!!!
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    - MrBill

  • Positive experience - would recommend seeing Dr. Simpson. After 1+ year of back pain and having consulted with other orthopedic surgeons, I sought out Dr Simpson for a second opinion (based on his high reviews/credentials). I was pleased with Dr. Simpson's patience and willingness to spend time to explain his diagnosis and recommended options, and to answer all of my questions. He also identified a disc herniation on an old MRI that my previous physicians had missed. After recommending I obtain updated MRI imaging, Dr Simpson helped me make the decision to receive a minimally invasive spinal fusion procedure (MIS TLIF L4-L5), which immediately relieved the significant sciatic nerve pain I had been experiencing. Two weeks later, I am walking around with no pain, and feel confident as I begin physical therapy (at the Dr.'s recommendation) to re-strengthen my back/core. I am glad I chose to see Dr. Simpson and would recommend to others based on this experience.
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    - Neil C

  • ACDF C5-C7 4 weeks post-op, FEELING GREAT!!! An injury at work left me with terrible pain in my neck, back, chest and arm for over a year. I tried PT and different types of injections. They would alleviate some symptoms but ultimately wear off and I’d be back at square-one. I sought a second opinion and was referred to Dr. Simpson. He performed a C5-C7 Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF). The surgery was successful and I literally felt the difference as soon as I woke up. The pressure/pain in my chest and back is gone. The recovery has been better than expected. I was pretty sore for the first week but the meds made it very tolerable. I used the pain meds and then switched to aspirin week 2. 4 weeks since surgery and I feel great! Still some occasional pain as the affected nerves are still recovering. But largely insignificant compared to pre-surgery. I’m hopeful about getting back to work as a Firefighter, thanks to Dr. Simpson and his team!
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  • I recently had a lumbar laminectomy completely by Dr. Andrew K. Simpson. All prior discussion and expectations regarding risk and post surgical recovery were spot on accurate. Dr. Simpson’s demeanor, confidence and skill clearly exceeded any exceptions I could have imagined. Dr. Simpson’s quality of personal commitment and care for me as a patient and person, was extraordinary. At age 59, this was my first hospitalized procedure and suffice it to say, I was a bit apprehensive. The quality of care that I received from Dr. Simpson as well as his entire team, including his PA, MA and the entire Faulkner nursing staff was nothing short of amazing. In a time where confidence in the medical system has been shaken, Dr. Simpson and his team reset that perception for me. Going from a state of “constant aching” to a recovery where everyday I am showing significant improvement is priceless. Dr. Simpson, you have clearly made a major difference in my life and for that I genuinely thank you.
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    - Gary L

  • After years of pain from osteoarthritis, I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis a few months ago. As a 73 yo former marathoner/triathlete..I needed to do something to maintain any quality of life. Dr. Simpson explained the options and the procedure that would address this debilitating condition. Three weeks ago, I had an Open Psf L3-L5 and laminectomy of L2 to S1.m The surgery was 4 hours long. I have had no problems with recovery. I am happy to report that I am now up to walking every day without any aids, I am off all pain meds and look forward to a greatly improved quality of life. Dr. Simpson was personable, explained the procedure and answered my questions in detail. I highly recommend him.
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    - Garrett

  • Dr. Simpson is absolutely GREAT! I was experiencing neurological deficiency in my right leg and foot and unbearable lower back pain due to a very serious L3 herniation seeping into my L4/L5 area. I am now 3.5 weeks post op and I have zero pain in my back! I know back surgery can be scary to some, but I can assure you that with Dr. Simpson there is no need to worry. Dr. Simpson truly is the best, in every appointment I have had with him, he has answered all of my questions and given me all the time necessary to discuss everything. He listens to all my concerns and is very through in his approach in explaining next steps. I would recommend Dr. Simpson to anyone looking for a doctor who is kind, caring, and extremely knowledgeable.
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    - Brooke B

  • Although my preoperative condition was quite good: yoga and extensive commuter cycling a key, my stenosis in the L4/5 was deteriorating. Two weeks post OP, I'm doing well, no narcotics, stationary cycling six miles @ near 15 mph. , without problem. Walking two miles without the neurological pain suffered before. I am able to do most of my yoga and free weight exercise, without complication, although slowly, carefully. Kudos to Dr Simpson!
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    - Frederic A

  • Despite near incapacitation due to intense, persistent pain between my waist and knees emanating from my lower back, I refused to consider surgery as a treatment option for a simple reason--all the horror stories heard about surgical mishaps, etc. Instead, I opted for a treatment regimen of OTC pain killers, physical therapy and ice packs. At age 73 the idea of relying on a cane or walker to maintain balance while upright was not my idea of a comfortable retirement. My perspective changed for the positive once I met with Andrew K. Simpson, M.D. via peer recommendation of a Vascular Surgeon. It is sufficient to indicate Dr. Simpson's manner and approach, education, training and experience inspired my confidence. Dr. Simpson performed a Laminectomy and Decompression at noon on 11/03/20. I was pain free at 3AM on 11/04; walking corridors at 5AM and discharged at 1PM on 11/04/20. Two + weeks post surgery and I feel great, thanks entirely to the skill and expertise of Dr. Simpson.
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    - Michael O

  • Harward Medical School - Andrew K. Simpson, MD, MBA, MHS
  • Brigham and Womens - Andrew K. Simpson, MD, MBA, MHS
  • Harward Medical School - Andrew K. Simpson, MD, MBA, MHS
  • Brigham and Womens - Andrew K. Simpson, MD, MBA, MHS